How long do I need to plan a wedding?

First of all it’s important to find the right reception venue. After that we can arrange all the other details. We suggest you start at least one year or ten months beforehand. The more time you have, the more you can be sure of getting the best services for you and your guests. Remember that we’ll also probably need to find accommodation for your guests if it’s a big wedding, and we have to do this ahead of time since during the high season in Italy places book up fast.

Can you help me with all kinds of ceremonies? Religious, civil, or symbolic?

Yes of course. We can help you with any type of ceremony and we can suggest places, prices and celebrants near the reception venue that you choose.

How do you select your service partners?

We have a selection of quality partners throughout Italy. Over the years we have put quality first, as this is the key to a perfect wedding. Our work is to make you extremely happy and satisfied.

Can you still help us with last-minute booking?

Yes. Last-minute weddings require a bit more work but we are confident we can always find something special for you, from the venue to all the services that you need for your wedding.

Why should we hire a wedding planner?

Getting married and planning a wedding always require a lot of work, time and patience. Planning a wedding in another country is getting increasingly difficult. Of course you can do it all on your own by searching on the internet, but it’s not easy to judge the quality from afar and you could risk total disaster. Choosing an expert planner means zero stress, good advice, quality services and peace of mind leading up to your Big Day! And – last but not least – some tips on how to save money!

What if we have already found our wedding venue? Can we still ask you to help us with all the other arrangements and to be with us during our wedding day?

Yes of course. If you have already found your venue congratulations! We will be happy to help you with some or all of the other services, and to be there with you on your wedding day to check that everything goes according to plan.

Can you give us some suggestions before we start?

Here are some important things to know:

  1. Having an approximate budget in mind will help you (and us) to find the best venue and arrangements for youwithin your budget , and will also avoid wasting time on places and services that are out of your range.
  2. Having a precise idea, or photos, of how you would like your wedding to be, canhelp us to suggest venues, catering services, flowers and all the other servicesin the style closest to your taste. What is your style? Country-chic? Elegant and sophisticated? Tuscan-style? Let’s have all your ideas!
  3. If the week/weekend of the wedding is the first occasion for your families to meet, it can be a nice idea to plan some fun activities to break the ice. An Italian cooking class at your villa, a wine tasting with an expert at a winery or at your villa, a tour by vintage car – these are just some of the ideas that can help create the right atmosphere for the occasion!
  4. Your wedding is a special occasion for having fun, relaxing and enjoying some never-to-be-forgotten moments with your families and friends. if you hire a wedding planner you can leave the stress behind and just go with the fun. Enjoy every single part of the planning and don’t worry. Everything will be fine!

What is your fee for a wedding planning service?

Since there are so many different types of requests (full planning, half planning, wedding with 200 guests or with 10, weddingday only, service search only etc. ) it is not possible, nor would it be right for the client, to set a single fee. First of all I analyze all the work in relation to the clients’ requests and then I settle on a fee for the work involved.
Write me an e-mail and we’ll work on it together.