For any couple, getting married is a never-to-be-forgotten experience and an Italian weddingis even more special.
Sitting down to plan your wedding can be exciting and fun, but you may also be plagued by doubts and worries. That’s when you need a helping hand and some sincere advice, especially if you’re arranging an Italian wedding from afar!
The first question is, where? In the Tuscan countryside, with its gently rolling hills, in Chianti or in Florence?On the Amalfi coast with the wonderful food of southern Italy? Or maybe the elegant, sophisticated atmosphere of Lake Como? Italy is the perfect place for a wedding to remember. You just have to decide where you want it.
When you’ve decided on your favourite spot (we can also help you choose) the hard part begins: the choice of reception venue, of your villa or castle. In Italy there is no shortage of spectacular venues but of course there are other factors to be taken into account, such as the number of guests you wish to invite, as well as your personal tastes, the kind of ceremony you want, and if there is an airport nearby. Last but not least, there’s the budget! Sometimes you might hit on the perfect place straightaway; other times it can be a lengthy process. With our help, it will be much more fun that you imagined.
Once you have chosen the right venue you can really begin to enjoy choosingall the arrangements down to the smallest detail, including a programme for your families and friends. We will be there, helping you at every step of the way, sending suggestions and estimates so that you can make an informed decision about each and every detail.
We like to think that there is no celebration quite like a wedding. For this reason, the day must be organized with professionalism and competence without forgetting the fun side.
Italian food and wine, a mediaeval village, a Renaissance villa, a small country church,a private garden for symbolic ceremonies,a town hall with frescoed halls, a country landscape, wine tasting in famous cellars – these are the things that will make your wedding special. You just have to choose and we’ll do the rest.
We have been working for many years to help couples make their Italian wedding an unforgettable celebration for them and their guests. Write to us now. Let’s begin this wonderful adventure together.